5 Signs Your Brand Needs a Professional Translator

Professional Translator

How you communicate with your business partners has a huge impact on a business’s overall success. If you are clear about the terms and conditions, you are more likely to close a business deal. 

In today’s world, everything is interconnected, and businesses operate on a global scale. It is important to have clear and culturally appropriate communication with your business partners. That is why Welcome Translations aims to provide the best professional translation services UK

If you fail to be respectful or inconsiderate towards potential partners, you might lose good opportunities. This is where a professional translator comes in, but how do you find good ones? 

Often, there are chances of falling into the trap of inadequate translation solutions, which leads to more problems than solutions. That is why it is crucial to find professional translators who are reliable and would ensure that your business grows.

Effective communication would help you in successful branding, especially if you are already working or planning to work in a global market. More often than not, brands that fail to communicate appropriately across various languages risk damaging their image. 

This can damage not only current business deals but also future opportunities. A professional translator offers the key benefit of building brand trust while also reaching new audiences. 

5 Signs Your Brand Needs a Professional Translator

Inconsistent Brand Voice Across Languages

If your brand has inconsistency in voice across different languages, this is a clear sign that our brand needs a professional translator. There are various communication methods for your brand, like marketing materials, website content, and social media posts. 

When you combine all of these, it should convey a clear personality and style for your brand. But if this voice is not consistent it can cause misinterpretation, confusion, and ultimately, damage your brand image.

What is the point of spending resources on creating a compelling brand message in your language only to have that message lost in translation? The audience would not be able to engage properly.

For instance, a luxury fashion brand wants its target audience to know that the brand is about exclusivity and sophistication. In its marketing campaign, the English tagline reads, “Experience elegance like never before.” 

This is an attractive line and would have a huge impact on potential customers. But imagine if this tagline were translated poorly into another language, with no consideration of the cultural impacts. The translated version might end up as, “Experience cheapness like always.” 

This shift in meaning fails to convey the message of luxury and exclusivity and it will also damage the brand’s reputation. People might start associating it with low-quality or inexpensive products. 

Grammatical Errors and Unnatural Language

If you are providing content or information to the audience, it is important that it looks professional and clean. If you use content that has grammatical errors and unnatural language, no one will take it seriously.

Experienced and professional translators who understand the target audience and the kind of language that would be effective can create natural-sounding content.

For instance, you are promoting a weight loss product and use the tagline, ‘This product will help you lose weight.’ The spelling is clearly wrong; the correct usage is ‘lose.’ This may be a minor error, but it can affect the professionalism and credibility of the brand.

Cultural Blunders and Misunderstandings

There are so many ways a language can be interpreted, and often, it can cause confusion. Since language is deeply connected with culture, it can become tricky to use the right words. Things can be acceptable and humorous in one culture but offensive or confusing in another. 

This can alienate customers and make them disconnected from the brand and its products.  

Cultural insensitivity in translation is a major concern, and a simple misunderstanding of the cultural context can damage a brand’s reputation. 

In the age of social media, where digital marketing is everything, you cannot risk losing customers because of misunderstandings. Imagine having good products and business ideas but not getting the most out of them because of poor language use. 

There is a famous example of this: PepsiCo came up with the slogan “Come Alive with Pepsi” in China, but when it was translated into Chinese, it meant “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead.” There were several protests against Pepsi, and many customers boycotted Pepsi products.

SEO Impact of Poorly Translated Websites

When we talk about SEO, the loose understanding is just about keywords and backlinks. But it is also responsible for providing a seamless user experience. Poorly translated content can lead to confusion among the users, leading to lower engagement and a negative impact on overall SEO performance.

Legal and Regulatory Risks of DIY Translations

The consequensces of poorly translated content do not end at impacting your brand image. In case there are inaccurate translations in contracts, it can lead to misunderstandings resulting in breaches of contract and even legal disputes.

In terms of marketing, misleading translations may violate advertising regulations. You might end up having to pay fines and penalties or face legal action by regulatory authorities.

Benefits of Using Professional Translation Services

Some common problems that can be avoided by using a professional translator are inaccurate and awkward translations, inconsistency across various platforms, and low audience engagement. The key benefits of using a professional translator are mentioned below. 

Understanding of Industry Standards 

No one does it like a professional, right? A professional translator understands the standards and requirements of various sectors and can ensure that the translated content is accurate and relevant in target markets.

Save Time And Money

Initially, using tools or inexperienced translators may seem cost-effective, but in the long run, it can lead to bigger issues. Professional translators, on the other hand, will translate efficiently and save you time and resources.

Help in Building Brand Consistency 

While building a brand, it is important to have a strong brand identity. The brand voice, style, and message should remain consistent across all platforms, as this reinforces brand recognition and trust.


Looking at all the benefits and potential risks related to professional translators, it is clear that investing in their services is an important and smart idea.

A professional translator can address the key problems and avoid poor translation. This will help you connect with global audiences and international business partners. 

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