Our 2018 Interpreting Roundup
Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump

As the year comes to a close, we take a light-hearted look back at the times interpreters hit headlines in 2018. We hope these highlights give you an insight into a diverse and challenging profession. Keeping it Klopp Interpreting in front of an audience is daunting as interpreters must be able to listen closely and […]

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notary public and language requirements

A notary (usually Notary Public in England and Wales) is a member of a very old branch of the legal profession that specialises mainly in authenticating documents for use abroad. Notaries therefore work closely with translators, and some notarial practices therefore have their own in-house translation services. Notaries are generally needed when official documents are […]

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Translation of official documents
official documents translation

Official documents, such as certificates of births, marriages and deaths, criminal record checks, driving licences and no-claims bonuses, bank statements, education certificates and similar records are of such importance these days that a sound translation produced in good time is vital. The translation obviously needs to be accurate. Most translators will have seen each type […]

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Use only native speakers for your translation
native speakers translations

An authentic and professional translator will offer translations from a foreign language only into their native language. They will know the source language to a standard higher than degree level, and will know their native language perfectly. Anything else is amateurish and usually results in a poor or ridiculous final text. British standards in translation […]

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French legal texts – what should a client expect?
Translating legal texts

When translating legal documents from French (or indeed most other languages), it is important to be aware of the differences between English law and the law of the country where the document originates. Differences in legal philosophy, practice and system, as well as terminology and set formulas can vary considerably from country to country and […]

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