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Top 8 things to look out for when choosing technical translation services
When we discuss technical translation services, it is usually in relation to documents or materials in the scientific, engineering or medical fields. However, there will be other industries where the technical translation is useful and we’ve detailed some key characteristics of a suitable translator. 1....
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Translations for everyday life
Interpretation and Translation Services for Everyday Life
When you don’t understand English, life in the UK can be extremely challenging as everyday situations...
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Professional Language Translation Services in Birmingham
As one of the most vibrant, multicultural countries in the world, the UK has an ever-growing need for...
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Notarising process
Notarising Translations: The Process
If you are required to translate official records for use overseas, it is likely that the translations...
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How to choose
How to choose a translation company
In 2018, the global language services industry market size reached just over 45 billion U.S. dollars,...
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Grow your business globally
How translation services can help your business grow globally
Setting up in new markets can be a daunting prospect. However, although there are many factors to take...
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What do interpreters do?
Following our previous post on the difference between ‘translation’ and ‘interpreting’, this post takes...
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What is the difference between translation and interpreting?
Professional translators and interpreters are often frustrated by the tendency of people outside the...
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Simultaneous interpreters for conferences
Conference interpreting services – simultaneous interpreting
A conference interpreter is usually required to interpret simultaneously. In simultaneous interpreting,...
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telephone interpreting
Telephone interpreting services for prisons & detention centres
Telephone interpreting is mostly required in situations where it is especially difficult for an interpreter...
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