Certified Translation – What it means and why it is important

Certified Translation – What it means and why it is important

Many people will have experienced a situation where they need a certified translation for personal or professional purposes. Getting married abroad and as a result, holding a marriage certificate in another language, or having to sign a contract that isn’t in English are just two common examples.

It may seem like a simple process to just ask someone fluent in both languages and offering their services online to provide a translation. Whilst they may be capable of providing the translation, it doesn’t mean it will be accepted by the authorities or businesses. This is where finding a certified translation service becomes your priority.

Certified Translation

In the UK, the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) is a leading professional body for translation businesses who provide language services in the UK. This certification should be the main criteria for choosing translation services, no matter the document you require translated. There is a range of membership levels available to translation companies but the main one to look for isAccredited Membership of the ATC. To achieve this, they must have passed extensive financial, operation and quality checks, signifying professional experience and expertise.

Why is this certification important? The simple way to think about it is that these language service providers are stating that their certified translation is a true, complete and accurate translation of the original document. On the basis of you and the person requiring the document, not speaking the original documents language, how can you trust the translation is true, complete and accurate?

Ensuring that it is a certified translation is the safest and most secure answer. Whoever you give the translated document to, will assess the translator you have used, either confirming their ATC certification or requiring contact details to make further checks.

Other than choosing a translation service that is certified, it is important to make sure that you do some research on the company or person and where possible reviews on their services. Whilst certification is vital, they may not provide the best service out there, or for the best price and timeframe that you need.

Ultimately, before you do anything else, search for a certified translation professional. Never take the risk when it is something as important as this.