Whether you need public service interpreting (NHS, court or police interpreters), or multilingual support for conferences or business meetings, we can assist you.

Our specialised language interpreters offer their services in both major modes of interpretation:

Simultaneous Interpreting

The professional interpreter renders the message in the target language “in real time”, without interruptions to the flow of the original speaker. It usually requires special audio and electronic equipment in order to be performed efficiently.

Consecutive Interpreting

The speaker and the language interpreter alternate in speaking, to allow the linguist to repeat each portion of speech in the target language. This practice is very popular, as no interpretation equipment is required, which ultimately reduces the cost to you.

Both forms can take place on-site (commonly referred to as “face-to-face interpreting”) or over the phone (“telephone interpreting”).

How to book an interpreter

As an experienced language service provider, we have the knowledge to provide a professional and quality service that best suits your demands.

All you need to do to book an interpreter is to give us the following information:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Language
  • Location

We will send you a free quote and once you agree, our interpreters will assist you.