When a UK citizen dies leaving assets abroad or a non-UK citizen leaves British assets, a number of documents have to be translated to procure a grant of probate. Without a probate, these assets cannot be distributed according to the will of the deceased.

Whether you are a private individual or a probate solicitor, we can offer you a reliable and cost-effective service to make the probate application process as smooth as possible.

In addition to the application form itself, the following documents may need to be translated and provided to the relevant authorities in the UK or abroad:

  • Wills
  • Death Certificates
  • Property Valuations
  • Inheritance Tax Forms
  • Powers of Attorney

We only work with experienced, specialist translators with knowledge of both the UK legal system and the legal system of the second country. Some texts required in the UK do not have equivalents abroad, and translators must be able to provide appropriate and comprehensible equivalents for legal jargon used.

You may need to provide ‘certified’, ‘sworn’, ‘notarised’ or ‘apostilled’ translations. For more information on what these terms mean, click here or get in touch for a quick chat.

Bear in mind that there may be a number of different costs due to the amount of stages and documents required during the application process, so make sure that you are fully aware of the requirements before you begin.