When legal proceedings involve multilingual speakers or in cases which have cross-border implications, it is clear that language services are indispensable.

At Welcome Translation Experts, we are often asked to translate minutes of hearings which have been conducted in a foreign language. Minutes may simply be required for official records or they can play an important part in court when provided as evidence.

As with all translations, minutes of hearings can throw up a number of challenges.

The subject matter may not be confined to the legal sector alone; for instance, for fraud cases, witnesses may use financial terms, meaning that we must choose a translator with the appropriate expertise.

A further challenge can be a lack of coherence as the person being heard may not always speak clearly or in a logical, linear manner. Professional translators will always highlight areas where they are unsure of what is being said rather than making assumptions.

Translators must also be aware of nuances in language; a linguist without professional experience may think it is helpful to remove ambiguity or provide extra explanation, while professional translators are aware that altering a text in this way is not within their remit.

We can assist!

To help us provide the most suitable translator for your documents, please provide as much relevant background information as possible. For instance, if proceedings involve a French speaker from Canada, we will source a translator from the same region to ensure that any linguistic differences are taken in account.

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