How to choose a quality translation company

How to choose

Taking the time to choose the correct translation company will not only result in you getting the product you need but maximise the return on your investment. As such, anyone researching translation services should ensure that providers meet some important criteria.

Firstly, they should be an accredited agency and by this, we mean a member of the Association of Translation Companies. This ensures that anyone reading your translated documents or identification will approve your choice of a translation company, as they have had to meet specific criteria and achieve a certain standard to become a full member.

Another consideration is to make sure that the translation is completed by a person or team who is translating in their native language. Each language has its own set of subtleties and peculiarities which can be missed by someone who has learnt the language. This may not be noticeable on some documentation, but for marketing materials and contracts, it could mean losing customers or putting the company at risk.

The importance of choosing a specialist translator

In order to receive a translated document that is both of high quality and accurate to the industry you operate in, it is important to choose a translation company that specialises in your field. You will normally find translators will specialise in one or two areas, such as legal, financial, engineering, etc. Whilst any qualified translator will be able to help you, one who is comfortable and experienced in the technical aspects of your world will provide a better translation.

We have all seen the adverts for a fast response or a quick turnaround on orders and they can be very tempting. But it is important to allow time for the translation to be completed carefully, reviews made and refinements where required. As a result, it’s important to find a translation company that wants to work with you in a collaborative and transparent way.

Finally, don’t get sucked in by a cheap price or special offer! Whilst it’s important to get the best deal, the best translation requires the best team and so this should be considered when budgeting. Engage with potential suppliers and compare the services, their costs and decide on the best value for money.

The underlying advice of this article is research and planning can make all the difference. Take your time, prepare a good brief and choose wisely.