How to Select the Best Document Translation Services

Document translation

Are you thinking of relocating to another country? Are you looking to expand your business to new markets? Whatever the reason, it is very likely that you will need to engage the services of a document translation specialist. This article has been designed to help you think about what it is you need and what to look out for and assist you in making an educated decision on the best provider.

Document translation services: main considerations

The first thing to consider is what is the document you want translated? Is it a 40-page legal contract that must be accurate and watertight, for the new legal system you’re operating in? Or is it a sales presentation that you want to give, and you know a poor translation could mean poor sales? Depending on your answer, you will know the kind of document translation services that you will need to choose and as a result, begin to shortlist potential candidates based on their area of expertise and experience.

Another consideration is whether you need the entire document translated or perhaps just specific parts. Are you only selling a specific product in the new market? If so, save time and money by translating a shorter, more focused document that really delivers on your proposition to new clients. A word of warning here though – think carefully about everything you haven’t included and whether any terms and conditions or supporting services have been missed.

Translation of online content

Document translation services cover online documents too! Take this blog as an example – if we were wanting to deliver our services to customers in a new country, then we would want our blogs and online marketing materials to be translated by an expert. Just because it’s a blog or web page, doesn’t make it any less important. Use a translation expert who understands SEO!

Use accredited translation experts

Now you’ve considered the type of documents you want translated, you’re armed with a list of requirements when approaching translation companies. As per the advice in our other articles, ensure that they are accredited translation experts who can provide a seal of approval and years of experience in both the language and industry you operate within. Furthermore, find some honest reviews and feedback on the firm – if they have happy customers, then odds are you will be one too!