How translation services can help your business grow globally

Grow your business globally

Setting up in new markets can be a daunting prospect. However, although there are many factors to take into consideration, your business can grow internationally with the right planning and research. You must get to know your new target audience before you launch your product or service, as well as the legal requirements for setting up a business.

When communicating with official organisations or potential customers, you cannot always expect to get by in English. If you attempt to send enquiries in English, there is a risk that your communications will go unanswered or won’t be understood. You must be able to provide legal documentation such as certificates and contracts in the correct language to facilitate the transition and avoid potentially costly misunderstandings.

Adapting your products to a specific market

When it comes to selling your product, remember that there are both linguistic and cultural differences to take into account, so you cannot simply translate communications; you may need to adapt your marketing materials so that they really ‘speak’ to your target audience. Native speakers can help you to avoid making a cultural faux pas and to brainstorm catchphrases and slogans to draw in your new customers. This is called localisation.

Though it may seem that language services are a burdensome investment for your company, the long-terms profits for your company will outweigh your initial input.

Consider new areas of growth around the world; do these regions present trade opportunities for your business? Translation can help you tap into a whole new customer base and gain a competitive edge over businesses that haven’t yet caught onto the potential of new markets.

Small and medium-sized businesses in particular may be deterred from expanding due to perceived costs, but SMEs that strategise to overcome the language barrier will be well-placed to pip competitors to the post.

Greater exposure and success on the global stage also provides your brand with increased credibility in your domestic market, setting you up for further growth opportunities.

This is why savvy business leaders should not be considering why they need translation to grow their company; they should be planning how to strategically leverage language services to gain the greatest commercial advantages.