Translation Services for Legal and Public Sector

Welcome Translation Specialists have a broad variety of experience offering legal and public sector translation services. We pride ourselves on our experience in the Legal Industry – we entrust your legal documents and certified translation services to specialised translators only. These carefully selected translators are familiar with the legal systems and cultural reflections of both the source text and the target text.

Legal and Public Sector translation

Welcome Translation Specialists have a broad variety of experience offering legal and public sector translation services. We currently offer translation in 190 different languages, ensuring that in a crisis, we can always offer you the help that is needed.

We routinely collaborate with government agencies to provide timely, high-quality public-sector translations and public-sector translators where they are most needed. This ranges from court interpretation and translation for law firms, ensuring that every side is heard fairly and accurately in relation to NHS translation and NHS interpreting services, and making sure that those in need get the right assistance.

We hold our relationship with the public sector in the highest regard and understand how potentially difficult these moments can be when communicating in a crisis. For that reason, we always strive to maintain the most professional service possible and work only with the best translators who understand the full gravity of their role.

We additionally present legal translation and legal aid agency (LAA) translation services, including certified translators, legal document translation (including contract translation), court interpreting, and legal interpreting. We understand that picking the right translation service can be crucial, and we pride ourselves on complete accuracy in the legal translation of documents and anything related to legal translation services.

Whether it’s a translator needed in an emergency or crucial information in legal translation documents, our team is willing to serve you. We supply a fast, friendly and affordable service tailored to your unique requirements. Let us present you with the perfect solution for your public sector and legal translation needs and discover why solicitors and government agencies from all around the UK rely on us for translation.

We can’t prepare for what might go wrong, but we can have a strategy to be taken seriously. Get a quotation right now to see how we can assist.

Carefully selected translators for legal translation

Our legal translators are carefully selected for their ability to understand and interpret the legal meaning of the original document. WTE translators provide renditions that carry the same meaning in the legal system of the target language.


Commonly, these legal document translations cover corporate documentation and contracts. We also deal with a variety of other legal information, including privacy policies and terms and conditions for companies trading internationally.


We have gained extensive experience in this sector through working with reputable law firms and managing a wide range of legal documents, including:

  • Minutes of Hearing
  • Grants of Probate
  • Notarial Certificates
  • Certificates of the Estate
  • Certificates (Death, Birth, Marriage & Divorce)
  • Judgements & Decrees
  • Family, Criminal & Immigration Law
  • Assessments & Reports
  • Lawyer’s Reports

In addition to our legal translation services, we also offer different types of certified translations. This level of certification is required for official records such as birth certificates, last will and testaments, marriage certificates or powers of attorney.


Moreover, we offer the following types of notarisation:

Notarised Translations

Notarisation involves swearing an oath and signing a statement of truth in front of a notary, attesting that the translation is a true representation of the original document.


This procedure is very much like a notarised translation, but some documents may require an additional authentication for official documents to be presented overseas.

Sworn Translations

Our sworn translators must testify to confirm that they have faithfully communicated the original document.

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High quality document translation, available with fast turnaround in over
190 languages.



We offer face-to-face service, video, telephone, and conference interpreters.

Proof reading


Get your audio or video down on paper. We deliver professional transcripts for you to repurpose into documents


Certified Translations

Use our certified translation service when you need official translation which is stamped and signed as true and accurate.



Our proofreading service ensures your documents are free from grammatical errors and correct in spelling and style.


Notarised Translations

Have your translation signed and stamped by a Notary once it has been completed.

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