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Translation services for court judgements & decrees

Welcome Translation Experts (WTE) provide a range of discreet legal translation services for court judgements and decrees.

Court judgements and decrees that are legally binding may need to be translated when the relevant parties have emigrated or temporarily lived in a different country; got married in a country other than their own; or possess assets abroad.

For couples getting divorced in the UK, English courts issue a Decree Absolute dissolving the marriage. This is supported by a Consent Order laying out the agreement reached between the parties and the subsequent actions they need to take.

If these documents need to be presented to relevant authorities abroad, there may not be an equivalent in the legal system of the destination country. In these cases, a Decree Absolute and a Consent Order will need to be provided along with an accurate translation of each document.

Similarly, if a British couple divorce in another country, they will need to use a legal translation services provider like Welcome Translation Experts to produce the required translations for UK authorities.

Judgements issued by a Family court, for instance decisions related to custody and visitation rights, must also be translated when they will have implications in a foreign country.

Document translation services from legal translation experts

For court judgments and decrees, Welcome Translation Experts have a network of experienced translators specialising in legal translation. We ensure that your documents are in the hands of a professional translator with an understanding of legal jargon and the legal systems of both the UK and the relevant overseas territory.

Legal documents like court judgements and decrees often need certification to be accepted by foreign courts. If you require clarification about what this entails, consult our page on Certified Translation Services or contact us for an informal chat about your requirements.