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Welcome Translation Experts deliver legal document translations to well-known law firms and legal institutions, covering all areas of law, from family law to corporate law or copyright law.

Our team of professional legal translators provides accurate translations, which is a must in the legal industry. All our linguists are native speakers and experts in different fields of law, which guarantees superb quality.

Legal document translations can be complex, because legal systems can differ greatly between countries, and concepts and terminology in one language may not have an equivalent in another.

This is why our translators understand and interpret the legal meaning of the original document, to provide renditions that carry the same meaning in the legal system of the target language.

Commonly, these translations cover corporate documentation and contracts, as well as a variety of information such as privacy policies and terms and conditions for companies trading internationally.

We offer tailored translation services to solicitors covering multiple areas of law.

In addition to our legal translation services, we offer different types of certified translations; this level of certification is required for official records such as birth certificates, last will and testaments, marriage certificates or powers of attorney.
We offer the following types of notarisation:

Notarised Translations

Notarisation involves swearing an oath and signing a statement of truth in front of a notary, attesting that the translation is a true representation of the original document.


This procedure is similar to a notarised translation, but some documents may require an additional authentication for official documents to be presented overseas.

Sworn Translations

Our sworn translators must testify to confirm that they have faithfully communicated the original document.

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Simply give us a call or email us to discuss your requirements – a member of our team will recommend the best option for your project.