Our high quality life science translation service covers those fields of science that involve the scientific study of living organisms, from biology to medicine. Pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations or medical devices manufacturers rely on the accuracy and consistency of our global language services.

While companies in the life science sector invest in research and innovation to develop new products and target new and existing markets, the ability to communicate on a global scale has become crucial to their business.

Regulatory Compliance and Accuracy

Industry-Specialist Life Sciences Translators

Several issues can affect communication, and these are generated not only by the language barriers and the specialist terminology required, but also by the need to comply with regulatory requirements that differ from one country to another.

Pharmaceutical organisations have also been highly affected by the numerous healthcare reforms and related legislation that different countries have introduced in recent years.

Expert Translators

The translation of biotechnology, medical, pharmaceutical or scientific documents therefore requires proven industry-specialist understanding, besides an excellent knowledge of the source and target languages.

Our project managers will identify the most appropriate linguist among our network of professional translators, on the basis of their expertise within your business’s specific subject area.

You can rest assured that they will deliver excellent translation and/or interpreting services to suit your requirements, with consistent use of terminology to reduce the risk of errors, and paying special attention to the compliance standards applicable in the target market.

We translate the following materials:

  • Clinical studies
  • Scientific documents
  • Clinical reports
  • Research materials
  • Protocols
  • Product information leaflets
  • Registration documents
  • Summaries of product characteristics (SPC)

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