Medical interpreting services – consecutive interpreting

Medical Interpreting - Young physician in a medical robe with stethoscope

Medical interpreting services usually involve the most common mode of interpreting, called consecutive interpreting.

This is where the interpreter listens to a few sentences at a time and makes notes. The interpreter then delivers a verbal translation after each short period of speech.

You can rely on Welcome Translation Experts (WTE) to provide a specialist medical interpreter with the language skills and the professional integrity required to complete your medical interpreting assignment patient consultations.

As with all interpreting assignments, it is advisable to brief your medical interpreter with as much information as possible prior to appointments. This allows your specialist interpreter time to prepare for any unusual interpreting requirements.

Need a medical interpreting specialist to work with your consultants?

All patients have the right to receive the best possible care; therefore, it is crucial that they understand every aspect of the medical process. To overcome any language barriers, we provide medical interpreting services for hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries.

For each individual assignment, a member of our medical interpreting staff is hand-picked for competence in the required language, along with any specialist skills that may be needed for a specific medical setting.

Codes of conduct for medical interpreters

Whilst providing interpreting services, a medical interpreter must adhere to strict codes of conduct before, during and after appointments. For example, it is important for medical interpreters to remain impartial and they should therefore avoid private conversations with patients when not performing their medical interpreting services role.

Contact our medical interpreting team

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