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Multi-language audio transcription services from WTE

Along with global translation expertise, Welcome Translation Experts (WTE) also provides audio transcription services for a variety of professions, industries and languages. Members of our audio transcription team are experts in the field of medical, legal and interview transcription services Document translation services.

Transcribing primarily consists of representing in print what has been spoken. Transcriptions are often preferred for professional use because it is far easier to use a transcript to locate relevant material, rather than listening to audio or viewing a video.

This service can be very labour-intensive. Each minute of spoken language can take up to 12 times its length to transcribe. The time taken to complete an audio transcription depends on the complexity of the subject as well as the audio quality of the recording.

And once your transcription is completed, you can benefit from our specialized translation services to render your new document into more than 100 languages.

Transcription Services from Audio to Text

Which audio formats are suitable for WTE transcription services?

All our transcription services convert speech in virtually any format into a written or electronic text document.

We usually handle transcriptions of police interviews, court hearings or videos in the following formats: AV1, CD, DVD, MP3, MPEG, and Windows Media Player.

Providing quality transcription services for a wide range of languages

To guarantee the highest quality transcriptions of interviews with non-English speakers, we ensure that all transcribers only transcribe projects into their native language. In addition, we deliver competitively priced transcriptions of a high quality from the outset.

Contact WTE to arrange your audio transcription

Simply call Welcome Translation Experts on 0121 2013 475 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, reach us via our handy contact form. A member of our transcription team will offer advice on the best options for your project.


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