Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

Our bodies are tricky things and talking about them in detail can be even trickier. Symptoms can be subjective; jargon can be perplexing and accuracy can often be the difference between health and crisis. When you add in communicating across language barriers, it can become a minefield. Despite the difficulty, where healthcare is concerned it’s essential to get things right.


At Welcome Translation Experts we pride ourselves on our medical and pharmaceutical translation. We offer a broad range of medical translation services, including medical interpreting and medical document translation. Because this area is so crucial, we only employ the best certified medical interpreters and certified medical translators. A medical interpreter needs to be able to understand nuanced applications of language and often vague descriptions across multiple languages in order to guarantee the patient the best level of care. Medical interpreting needs to be both subjective and exact at the same time, with no room for miscommunication. Any medical translator we provide will be keenly aware of this and certain to provide rapid and accurate on-demand translations.

Alongside this we also offer a comprehensive pharmaceutical translation service. We understand the importance of making pharmaceuticals safely available to everyone and the pressure this can put on researchers and manufacturers. Pharmaceutical interpreters are often essential to communicating and collating broad data sets for medical research and pharmaceutical translators are a ubiquitous requirement in the international distribution of medicine and other pharmaceuticals. We offer translation across 190 different languages, giving you the tools you need to communicate effectively and get medicine into the hands of those that need it. We also offer more general scientific translations should the need arise!

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Our Services



High quality document translation, available with fast turnaround in over
190 languages.



We offer face-to-face service, video, telephone, and conference interpreters.



Get your audio or video down on paper. We deliver professional transcripts for you to repurpose into documents


Certified Translations

Use our certified translation service when you need official translation which is stamped and signed as true and accurate.



Our proofreading service ensures your documents are free from grammatical errors and correct in spelling and style.


Notarised Translations

Have your translation signed and stamped by a Notary once it has been completed.

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