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Official certificate translations are required in a range of situations for those planning to move abroad or those applying for a UK visa. As a leading UK translation agency, Welcome Translation Experts (WTE) offer confidential and secure document translation services for official certificates.

You may need a translation of your birth certificate if you are applying to an overseas academic institution, emigrating or getting married abroad. Death certificate translations are generally needed for inheritance matters, as evidence for the relevant foreign authorities when there are assets to be handled.

If you are moving abroad with your spouse, you may need to produce a translated marriage certificate, especially if you are planning to purchase property. If you get married in another country, a translated certificate is also needed for changing your name on official documents. Divorcing partners will need a translated divorce certificate if they got married in a different country or for the division of assets overseas.

Why choose a professional translation agency for certificate translation?

In addition to linguistic skills, certificates require attention to detail to ensure that all names, dates and details are presented accurately. At WTE, we ensure precision through our quality control checks before you receive the final translated certificate.

The layout of certificates varies according to the originator’s legal system, meaning that certificate translators must be able to communicate these differences in a limited space. For instance, French marriage certificates state the chosen matrimonial regime (régime matrimonial) of the couple according to French law.

A professional translation agency will be accustomed to these variations and use appropriate strategies to ensure that all the information is communicated effectively. Professional translators are able to draw on their knowledge and experience of the individual legal systems in the relevant countries.

We provide certificate translation services for a complete range of official documents

Degree Certificate Translation

For official translations of degree certificates, foreign academic certificates and university documentation, you can depend on our pool of specialised translators to provide a fast and cost-effective service.

Translation of Marriage Certificates

We provide an accurate translation service for marriage certificates. Our translations are accepted by many UK institutions such as the Home Office and can be used for any purposes authorised by law.

Divorce Certificate Translations

We offer an affordable translation service for divorce certificates. Our translation services are trusted by many Notaries Public and accepted by the UK Border Agency, Home Office, Courts of Law, GMC, UK NARIC and other authorities in the United Kingdom.

Birth Certificate Translation

At Welcome Translation Experts we offer great rates on Birth Certificate translation.

Our project managers will ensure that your document is translated fast and accurately, and can often be delivered to you either on the same or next day.

Translation of Death Certificates

If you need a Death Certificate translated for the registration of a relative’s death in the UK or for other purposes, simply give us a call.

Translation of Police Certificates

We are often called upon to translate Police Certificates. Please contact us for more information.

Guidelines for WTE certificate translation pricing

Official document translation services costs are normally calculated on a price-per-word basis, but also on the requested language. But why are some languages more expensive than others? The answer is simple: languages that are spoken by large numbers of people – like Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English – tend to cost less per word. While less common languages, like Icelandic, Nepalese and Maori generally cost more.

To give you some guidance, we have put together an official document translation price list where you can find useful information regarding prices per page, estimated delivery times and additional details of the certificate to be translated.

Simply use the filters below to search for the document you need:

Getting in touch with Welcome Translation Experts

You may also need to certify your certificate by providing a notarised translation, legalisation by apostille, or a sworn translation. If you’re unsure about what this means, please do get in touch with your queries or consult our Certification page for further information.