The business case: why do you need a translation partner?

As your business grows and develops, your translation requirements will increase and become more diverse. You may need to translate the results of clinical trials for new pharmaceutical products, certificates of origin for international trade, or audit reports to demonstrate tax compliance. Without these essential documents, your business could lose out on new expansion or export opportunities. Translations are also needed for cooperation across borders, for instance, when government bodies, charities or law firms share information.

Commerce or professional activities that involve multiple countries and languages can be daunting so communication and transparency is vital. If your business can provide accurate translations quickly and efficiently to existing and prospective clients, you instantly show how committed you are to your partnerships, and this leads to lasting customer loyalty.

With the help of a translation partner, you can add language services to your portfolio of solutions and differentiate yourself from the competition. If you are a notary public, your clients may regularly require translations, which they seek out elsewhere. As well as benefitting from translation services yourself, a translation partnership enables you to assist clients with their translation needs and expand your reach within your clients’ organisations.

How can we help?

As translation partners, we can offer you the translation tools and expertise needed to grow your business. We can also help you to pitch translation solutions to new and existing clients, and demonstrate the value that translation could add to their business, by adding an extra language to their website or product instructions, for example.

As experienced language service providers, we know how the industry works. The translation industry encompasses a great range of sectors and there is a lack of understanding about how long translations can take, the skills and qualifications required, the way translators should be paid, the software that is used, and so on. Without this industry knowledge, it can be a real headache to manage translation projects, especially when there are multiple projects and deadlines.

Partnering with us means we will always prioritise your requests and strive to accommodate your specific requirements. As we work with a vast network of vetted translators, we can source translators who have the right language combination and specialist knowledge within your field.

Who do we work with?

We started out in the legal sector, working with both private law firms and in the public sector, so this is a core area of expertise within our agency. As our business developed, we naturally added more fields of specialisation, focusing in particular on medical and pharmaceutical translations, and corporate and financial translations. Find out more about our full range of services here.

If you think your business could benefit from a translation partnership, get in touch and let us know the nature of your business and who your customers are. We can then discuss how our agency can best support you. Whether you are a company or an independent sales professional, a translation partnership is a tool that can be leveraged to grow your business, generate a new revenue stream, and ultimately keep your clients happy.