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Professional interpreting services for private & public sector organisations

As one of the UK’s leading interpreting agencies, Welcome Translation Experts (WTE) has the facilities to handle single or ongoing interpreting projects on any scale. Whether you need public service interpreting (NHS, court or police interpreters), or multilingual interpreting services for conferences or business meetings, we can assist you.

If you need simultaneous interpreting services for a conference, or consecutive face-to-face interpreting, our specialised language interpreters offer their services in both major modes of interpretation.

Simultaneous interpreting for conferences

In this form of interpreting the professional interpreter renders the message in the target language “in real time”, without interruptions to the flow of the original speaker. It usually requires special audio and electronic equipment to be performed efficiently.

Face-to-face & telephone consecutive interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, the speaker and the language interpreter alternate in speaking. This allows the linguist to repeat each portion of speech in the target language. This practice is very popular, as no interpretation equipment is required, which ultimately reduces the cost to you.

Both forms can take place on-site (commonly referred to as “face-to-face interpreting”) or over the phone (“telephone interpreting”).

How to book a professional interpreter

As an experienced interpreting agency, we have the expertise to provide a professional, high-quality quality interpreting service that perfectly matches your requirements.

Please call 0121 2013 475 for more information or follow this link to our simple contact form. For a free quote (without any formal obligation) please include the following details:

• Time
• Date
• Languages
• Location

Business Interpreting Services for All Sectors

Business Interpreting

In business settings such as meetings, presentations or round tables, you are most likely to require consecutive interpreting, where the speakers and the interpreter alternate, or whispered interpreting, where the interpreter can whisper a translation simultaneously to the listener.

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