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Assessments & reports – professional translation services for all sectors

At Welcome Translation Experts (WTE), we know that translating assessments and reports is a wide-ranging and varied exercise. With each project being unique, we take a number of factors into account before sourcing the most qualified translator to work on your assessment or report translation assignment.

Assessments and reports are often prepared for a specific audience, so WTE’s professional translators ensure that they select the appropriate vocabulary and tone.

By providing detailed information about the target audience WTE technical translation services clients can help to ensure that we deliver translations that match the needs of your project.

You may even consider producing a glossary of preferred terms or select phrases, which can be used for all future report and assessment translations that we do for you. This will help us to produce consistent translations and speed up turnaround time.

Both assessments and reports are likely to cover specific subjects; for these types of documents, we aim to assign linguists who are specialised in the relevant sector. Our hand-picked translators are then familiar with the topics covered, the language used, as well as any acronyms or terms specific to the field.

In addition to figures and graphs, each assessment or report has a precise structure and formatting that has been specifically selected. Our professional translators will reproduce your document layout in the target language. We will also carry out additional quality control checks before sending over the final assessment or report translations.

Tailor-made corporate translation services

Each project is different so please do get in touch with your requirements. We will put together a tailor-made corporate translation services quote, along with a project schedule adapted specifically for you.

We offer a range of corporate translation services for assessments and reports. These services include editing and proofreading, so do let us know if your project demands multiple processes. Our vast network of freelance translators includes linguists with skills in many different areas, from localisation to desktop publishing.