Top 5 reasons why professional translations are the best choice for you

The biggest worry about getting a document translated is that you have to trust the translation! After all, you don’t speak the language, so how can you know its translated correctly until you use it or pay for another professional to provide their opinion? The answer lies in making sure the professional translations are done by the best! Here are five reasons why choosing a professional, will translate into peace of mind:

1. Experience and Expertise

By choosing a professional translator, you will be using someone whose job it is to accurately and effectively translate documentation. In general, they will be native speakers with industry knowledge relating to the documentation you wish translated. This is of particular value if your documents have legal implications, such as contracts for services or evidence for immigration applications.

2. Resources

A company specialising in professional translations is likely to have a talent pool of translators who can support you. As well as that, they will have knowledge banks of previously translated documents which have passed an examination by industry and government bodies. These resources guarantee a far higher chance of success when compared to translating your own content or using a friend who speaks the language.

3. Accreditation

Each and every country has a specific requirement for either accreditation or qualification for those providing translation services. In the UK, the government and industry leaders all refer to the membership of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) as their leading requirement, when approving any translated documents. Ensuring you choose a company with proven membership, will mean you can purchase the service knowing you’re in good hands.

4. Quality

As well as being a member of an industry body, the best translation companies will adhere to stricter quality standards, in order to compete in a demanding and quality focused industry. However, don’t simply take this for granted! Do some research and see whether they discuss quality in their marketing materials and customer reviews back up their statements.

5. Costs

Finally, its the issue of money! It may appear wrong to say that it’s more cost-effective to use a professional translation company but it’s true. Consider what your time is worth (if you’re fluent in both languages) and consider the implications if a translation goes wrong. Spending the money now will be the best option for you.