We work with a network of freelance linguists who only translate into their native language to ensure your translation is of the highest quality and achieves its intended purpose effectively.

Our Translators

Our translators undergo an application process and must hold relevant qualifications, as well as a minimum of 5 years experience with the translation industry, or within their field of specialisation.

This means your projects are in the hands of linguists with high proficiency in their native and working languages, as well as expert knowledge within your field, enabling correct use of terminology and style.

We also carry out quality checks on completed translations to ensure they are accurate before sending the final documents back to you.

Medical Translation

medical translation

Here at Welcome Translation Experts, we have extensive experience in providing high quality medical translation services across a wide variety of medical specialisms, and regularly work with clients in the pharmaceutical, research, and both private and public healthcare sectors.

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Legal Translation

Legal translation

Welcome Translation Experts deliver legal document translations to well-known law firms and legal institutions, covering all areas of law, from family law to corporate law or copyright law.

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Financial Translation

Financial times newspaper, German edition

We deliver top quality translations for the financial sector. Whether you need to translate due diligence reports, annual accounts or investment policies, we guarantee that your copy reads correctly, providing a fast and on-time service.

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Private Translation

personal document translation

We help both companies and private clients with their translation requirements, by providing cost-effective language services for a complete range of documents for official as well as personal use .

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Corporate Translation

Close-up of a man in a suit unbuttoning his jacket

Our corporate translation service ensures that your communications reach employees and clients in their preferred language, and that important documents can be accessed by all relevant stakeholders.

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Technical Translation

Accurate Technical Translations in Your Specific Niche

Attention to detail is vital when it comes to technical translations. We are experts in translating technical documents so that international companies can accurately communicate with multilingual audiences in their native languages.

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Pharmaceutical Translation

pharmaceutical translation

Specialised fields require specialised knowledge. To eliminate the risk of errors in your translation, most of our translation professionals have been engaged in the pharmaceutical industry for years, offering expert knowledge of the industry language essential for accurate translations.

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Public Sector Translation

Translation services for the public sector

We help public sector organisations to provide essential documents and communications for non-English speakers.
Translation for public sector institutions encompasses a vast range of languages and subject areas. For instance, translating a legal notice requires an understanding of legal processes and terminology.

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