Top 8 things to look out for when choosing technical translation services

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When we discuss technical translation services, it is usually in relation to documents or materials in the scientific, engineering or medical fields. However, there will be other industries where the technical translation is useful and we’ve detailed some key characteristics of a suitable translator.

1. Industry Expertise

Choosing a translation company with experts in your profession or industry will be vital to having accurate contracts, technical drawings or applications translated. They will minimise the potential of terms being incorrectly translated.

2. Translation Experience

Find out how much experience the company has of technical translation, in the language you desire. Are they experts with years of experience or simply offer to do any job they can get?

3. Native Speakers

Anyone performing translation services should be a native speaker, particularly when dealing with technical or legal translations. This ensures not only the technical words are correct but the meaning is accurate, without any errors.

4. Customer Feedback

Do your own research on the translation company and see what reviews have been left by previous customers. Did they have similar requirements to you? Were they happy with the service provided?

5. Accreditation and Qualifications

Depending on the country you’re working in, does the technical translation service provider have the relevant accreditations and qualifications, so that any translations produced will be accepted by all parties (government, legal institutions and private companies).

6. Collaboration and Communication

Consider how the translation company communicates with you and works on the project. If they actively engage with you and make you part of the process, you will likely get a better result at the end.

7. Revisions

Does the technical translation service use a revision system whereby a second expert checks all translations to ensure accuracy and quality? If not, do they have a different system in place for quality control?

8. Deadlines and Costs

The favourite of many – has the translation company been clear about their turnaround times and costs involved? If not, this could be a sign that they may try to charge more at a later date or miss your deadline. Two reasons why you shouldn’t choose them!

In summary – make your own list of requirements and expectations, take the time to research and choose the best technical translation services for you.