Welcome Translation offers free, no-obligation quotes for all all of your transcription requirements. We work across a broad range of sectors, from the automotive industry to patents and public services, so we understand the need for rapid transcription and proofreading services that still offer pinpoint accuracy.

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Transcription services

We offer fast, affordable transcription services for businesses and individuals

On-demand & Accurate Transcription

Whether your transcription project is large or small, we're here to help. We offer rapid, on-demand transcription with a professional, friendly service. Whether it's document localization or subtitle translation, our transcription services have got you covered!

If you require a quote or just want to find out more about our transcription service, then you can give us a call on 0121 2013 475 (you can request a call back). Or, if you prefer, you can fill out our contact form and we’ll get back in touch via email.

We are keen to work with businesses on both short and long-term bases and strive to provide the most competitive business rates possible.

Professional Proofreading

Want to check that your copy is accurate? We also offer proofreading services across all sectors and 190 different languages.

Our team of experts know the common errors and pitfalls of translating into their native languages and will strive to ensure your wording lands with it's intended audience.

Errors are common in translation, but we know what to look for. Hire us for all your proofreading and language checking and let us provide you with peace of mind.


Need a Service?

To find out more about our Transcription services give us a call on 0121 2013 475 or you can request a call back or get in touch by filling out our contact form.

Legal Transcriptions

We offer rapid, on-demand legal transcription servicesWe got our start offering transcription, translation and interpreting for the legal sector. We understand the challenges of the sector and the need for complete accuracy and clarity. We also provide a wide range of legal translation and legal aid agency (LAA) translation services, such as: certified translatorslegal document translation (including translation of contracts), court interpreting and legal interpreting.

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Medical Transcriptions

We offer a full range of medical transcription services and pharmaceutical transcription services, serving every aspect of the medical sector. Our bodies are tricky things and talking about them in detail can be even trickier. Symptoms can be subjective; jargon can be perplexing and accuracy can often be the difference between health and crisis. This is why we only offer transcription experts with the necessary medical knowledge to ensure perfect results every time. We also offer a full scope of medical translation services, including medical interpreting and medical document translation. 

Everyday Transcriptions

Our transcription services aren't limited to businesses. If you have personal transcription requirements, from academic projects to solo creators, we're still happy to help! No job is too big or small and we'll always ensure you get a professional treatment that never keeps you waiting.

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