Welcome Translation provides audio transcription services for a large variety of industries.

Our committed team of transcribers facilitate medical, legal and interview transcription services.

Transcribing primarily consists of representing in print what has been spoken, because it is far easier to consult a transcript of a speech, and locate its relevant material, through a written document than by listening to it or viewing it in its original medium.

This service is a labour-intensive practice, where each minute of spoken language can take up to 12 times its length to transcribe, depending on the complexity of the subject as well as the quality of the medium itself.

And once your transcription is completed, you can benefit from our specialized translation services to render your new document into more than 100 languages.

Transcription Services from Audio to Text

Source format and transcription

All our transcription services convert speech in virtually any format into a written or electronic text document.

We usually offer transcriptions of police interviews, court hearings or videos in the following formats: AV1, CD, DVD, MP3, MPEG, and Windows Media Player.


To guarantee quality, we ensure that all transcribers only transcribe projects into their native tongue. In addition, we deliver competitively priced transcriptions of a high quality from the outset.

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