What You Should Know About Home Office Translation

translation for Home Office

The Home Office is an administration in the United Kingdom that is in charge of immigration, security, law, and order. As a result, there are many applications by people with identification and documentation in a different language to English that will fall under their remit. Combine this with the fact that any kind of government process or application isn’t normally a speedy affair, it is important to understand what is needed in terms of translation for Home Office documentation.

The most common applications that the Home Office will cover are passport applications, visas, and citizenships. You may be required to have bank statements, birth certificates, and qualifications translated into English as part of your application and these will be carefully assessed. Without meeting their exacting requirements, you could fail in your application, losing time and money in the process.

Whether you are in the UK already and have documents that haven’t been translated yet, or you’re in another country and wish to apply before traveling, accreditation is key to being successful.

Using a UK based translation company

The safest way to ensure that your translated documents are accepted is to use a professional company that is a member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC). The Home Office specifically states that documentation should be provided by a full member of this professional body. These providers can easily be found online or using the ATCs directory of members, whether you are in the UK or abroad.

Using a translator in another country

If you wish to use a service where you are currently based, then you should ensure that you use a professional translator who is an official translator approved by the government. Alternatively, you may be able to get the translation approved as a true copy of the original by the relevant foreign embassy. Both options may limit your choice and have cost implications, so think carefully.

Do it yourself?

You may be fluent in both languages and be confident you can translate a document accurately. Whilst for non-official purposes, this will be sufficient, it will not be accepted as a translation for Home Office purposes. Saving money in the short term, won’t help in the long term.