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Legal translation services for UK solicitors

Welcome Translation Experts (WTE) is a translation agency working primarily in the legal sector. We provide legal translation services for solicitors and law firms across the UK – 98% of our legal work comes from established clients who are happy to entrust us with all their translation and interpreting requirements.

We have a network of over 1,800 freelancers who are professional translators and highly competent linguists. This means our experienced team is able to find the right person for each job, saving you valuable time and resources.

legal translation services

Expert translation & interpretation services in the different fields of law

There isn’t much we haven’t seen before. We’ve built up our knowledge of different areas of law, from civil litigation to criminal law, by dealing with a variety of legal document translation requests and requirements.

As well as translation, we also offer interpreting services for situations where a solicitor or law firm needs in-person linguists. We can join you at your own offices, onsite at your clients’ premises or home, or in the courtroom – wherever you need us. Our legal interpreters provide an unobtrusive and professional presence, treating each case with sensitivity.

This is a non-exhaustive list of the services we offer to solicitors, legal firms and Notary Public clients:

  • Civil litigation – Translation of solicitors’ letters, instructions and any documentation related to: Compensation claims against companies or public authorities, Boundary disputes, Negligence claims, Debt recovery, etc.
  • Commercial litigation – Debtor/Creditor claims translation, judgment enforcement translation, translation of any legal document related to Contractual disputes and liquidation
  • Company and commercial law – Corporate governance translation, commercial contract translation, mergers and acquisitions documents translation, translation of any type of documents related to company formation and administration
  • Commercial and residential property – Language assistance during property sales and purchases, translation of retail property transactions, letting agreements translation, mortgage document translation
  • Criminal law – Police interview interpreting, qualified interpreters for prison visits and court appearances, translation of witness testimonies and witness impact statements
  • Employment law – Interpreters for employment tribunals, language assistance throughout dismissal and redundancy proceedings, discrimination claims translation, compromise agreements translation
  • Family law – Divorce proceedings translation, parenting disputes, pre and post-marital agreement translation, inheritance act claim translation, any type of certificate translation
  • Immigration law – Translation of all types of documents required for asylum claims, immigration applications, immigration appeals, Passport and ID document translation
  • Wills and probate – Will translation, power of attorney translation, contentious probate translation
  • Personal injury – Specific language assistance with claim drafting, translation of personal statements, qualified interpreters for court hearings, medical appointments and psychological assessments
  • Expert witness – All foreign-language documents submitted in court proceedings must be translated into English. When the accuracy of such translation is in question, our translators will help comparing it to the original text, and will testify in court as expert witnesses if required.

No legal translation services project is too big or too small

Translation services projects range from single-page documents to large cases involving extensive documentation and an ongoing interpreting commitment. Sometimes we are asked to transcribe police interviews or compare two translations of the same text.

The stakes are often high – our legal translations can have a direct impact on court proceedings. You can rest assured that we will treat your projects with care and responsibility.

We understand that it can be a long process. Legal cases can last months or even years, and when multiple languages are involved, the translation team plays a vital role. A member of our senior team will oversee the process for you – for as long as it takes.

How to contact Welcome Translation Experts

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 0121 2013 475 or via email. We’re ready to arrange the discussion of your legal translation or interpretation project in detail.