Translation Services – what should you expect from the best?

excellence in translation services

We all want to choose the best company to help us but that’s easier said than done! Do a quick search on google and you will see pages of search results for translation services. So how can you tell the difference between them and choose the best?

Translation: a science and an art

The process of translation is more than simply having knowledge of two languages. It is about combining scientific and artistic skills into one specialist service offering. Document translation services are performed by experts who have the language skills and knowledge but more importantly, possess the skills to understand the culture, dialects and attitudes of the languages they work with.

This can be even more important when considering legal and technical translation services, where the ability to write well and interpret technical language is an absolute requirement. Expert translators will have an understanding of specialist terminology and how language impacts the context. You cannot afford to get this kind of translation wrong.

Quality, confidentiality and security

In the current age of data being shared in almost anything you do, you must ensure that any translation services you choose put your privacy and security at the forefront of their actions. If you’re sending personal or confidential documentation to a translator, you want peace of mind that nothing will happen to it. Researching your rights and their processes around data is a worthwhile exercise, no matter the documentation you want translating.

Accreditation is a way of benchmarking quality, expertise and experience. Now it doesn’t always mean they are the best choice for you but it does help you narrow down the field, before doing more research on the individual translation companies. In the UK, the leading accreditation you should look for is membership of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC). Government departments, universities and businesses alike, all point to this membership as the gold standard but you must make sure they are full members and not just associates.

Ultimately – expecting the best is the only way to ensure you choose the right translation services for you. Simply going by price or speed of delivery is a risk that’s not worth taking. Do the research, ask the questions and find the perfect translation partner.